"Years ago, I was one among the countless women, who were disappointed with chemical-based beauty products that promised a lot, but hardly delivered. Then, in 2006, I decided to take charge of the situation. Thus began my search for a truly advanced, yet natural beauty product.

Soon, I took up a specialized course in soap-making and skin & hair care from a practicing Cosmetologist and Aroma Therapist based in the US. Next, I spent years experimenting, in search of the perfect beauty solution. Natural ingredients and their superior effectiveness were always close to my heart. I soon realized that not many products could match up to my quality expectations. It is then, that I created AYORMA - an exclusive range of beauty products to provide holistic nourishment to skin, hair and body.

Combining in one product, the proven efficacy of pure and natural Ayurvedic ingredients and the wholesome and nourishing benefits of a Luxurious Blend of SPA oils, I incorporated them into rich bases to deliver tangible results. Launched in June 2006, AYORMA was first showcased in a skincare products exhibition. And over the next 4 years, AYORMA was just marketed through lifestyle exhibitions.

Innovation and expansion opportunities constantly carving out new avenues of development in diverse markets. Design and create new brands for expansion and growth of Apogee and its associated partners.

This period served as a test for marketing AYORMA. I realized that more and more people were showing preference for natural products. I kept perfecting AYORMA by incorporating customer feedback and decoding consumer reactions, motivations and desires; and transforming them into products.

Till one day, I finally saw AYORMA become the product that had the potential to satisfy the expectations of millions of consumers, and of course, mine. And now, I am proud to present to you my dearest creation, AYORMA - a truly unique product that not just feels good but does good."

Riddhi Mehta – Creator, Ayorma